Thursday, 29 September 2011

japanese ornithopters


Deadly Nadder   2011/9/27 UP

Tyto 15            2011/9/27 UP

Dsungaripterus 5-7V  2011/8/8UP

Pteranodon 5-6V 2011/3/31 UP

Night Fury 2010/7/15UP

Circus F9  2010/4/14UP

Moven of Nausicca in the vallery of the wind 2010/4/12UP

Gunship of Nausicca in the vallery of the wind 2011/6/30 UP

A publication article on Flapping Wings

An article about my Pterosauria type ornithopter was carried by the news letter which American The Ornithopter Zone published.
I wrote an article by a request from Nathan Chronister which was the sponsorship.

click here 

Microraptor F8 2010/3/23 UP

Tetrapteron 12-1 2010/3/20 UP

Leonopteryx 11-1 2010/1/24 UP

Banshee 7-11 2010/01/10 UP

GLDAB New Program 2009/10/08

Chaoyangopterus 8-9 2010/4/6UP 2009/9 UP

Tupuxuara 7-9 2009/9 UP

Swift F7     2009/8/26 UP

Pteranodon 9     2009/8/26 UP

Rhamphorhynchus 10 2009/5/26 UP

Kestrel F6 2009/5/26 UP 

Falcon F5 2009/3/3 UP 

Buteo F4 2008/12/07 UP 

Sordes 5-6 2001/4/25UP 2008/10/19 UP

Tapejara 8-7 2008/9/28UP 

Buteo V3 

Buteo V2   

Tupuxuara 7-5 
I am making an ornithopter aiming at a flight to be near to more real Pterosaur.

Pteranodon5-5 Vtail 




Pterodactyle Vtail 


Ultra lightweight hand lunch glider Mini-G cross tail assembly


WowBee DragonFly remodeling 



Ornithopter Luna Butterfly 1 remodeling

Indoor 2 

Indoor 1



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